Architecture of Operating System

User: User is nothing but an individual who uses the available hardware anad softwaree resources.

Shell: Shell is command line interpreter. The shell access request from user the checks command existence. If the command exists then it converts into kernel understandable language and it send the given request to kernel. The Shell access interface between user and kernel.
Types of Shells:

Shell Name Developed by Prompt Interpreter Name
Bourne Shell Stephene Bourne $ sh
Bash Shell Stephene Bourne $ bash
Korn Shell David Shell $ ksh
z Shell Paul $ zsh
C Shell Bill Joy % csh

Architecure of Oeprating System


  • Kernel is heart of the Operating System.
  • The Kernel is responsible for interacting with hardware and producing the output to the screen.
  • Kernel handles the process, memory, file, device and network management for the Operating System.
  • Linux is truly just the Kernel.
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