Linux User Types

User is nothing but an individual who can use available software and hardware resources. We have three types of users.

Root User:

  • It is most powerful account on the system and has access to everything.
  • The root user(super user) is system administrator can run anything without restriction or enterprise administrator account in the windows world.

System Users:

  • A System account is similar to normal user account. The main difference is that System users normally dont have a home directory and cant login the way normal users do.
  • Many system users are created or associated with applications or service to help run them more securely.
  • Example: If we install Apache, it will create user apache. These kinds of users are known as System users.

Normal Users:

  • Normal User are the users created by root user. They are normal users like George, Vijay,….
  • Normal User accounts have no write access to anything on the system except their home directory which is when the user account is added.
  • As an administrator, we can assign access permissions to different files and directories, allowing user to gain access to different areas of the system.
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