Password complexity in Linux

  • root user can change password of a self and of any user in the system, there are no rules for root to assign a password. Root can assign any length of password either long or short, it can be alphabet or numeric or both. On the whole there is no limitation for root for assigning a password.
  • A normal user can change only its password. Valid password for a normal user should adhere to the following rules.
  • It should be atleast 7 characters but not more than 255 characters.
  • At least one character should be Upper case.
  • At least one character should be Lower case.
  • At least one character should be Symbol, and one character should be a number.
  • It should not match the previous password.
  • It cannot have a sequence(like 1234567 or abcdefg)
  • The login(user) name and password cannot be the same.

Go through for more information about Linux password

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