What is Unix/Linux

What is Unix/Linux

  • Unix is a CUI(commandline user interface) operating system.
  • Linux is a clone of operating system.
  • Linux is the important achievement of free software it has been developed fr business, education and personal productivity.
  • Everyone has to start somewhere and Linux administrators and engineers are no exception.
  • Distributions of Linux are: Redhat, SUSE, CentOS, OEL, Ubuntu, Fedora,puppy, whitebox, Slackware, Mandrake.

Why Linux?

  • Security: No Virus threads
  • Maintenance: No need to perform virus scan, defragmentation, etc..
  • Stability: Operating System crossing is very rare.
  • Open Source
  • Transparency

What is Operating System?

  • Operating system is a interface between user and computer or system software.
  • Operating System is the important program that runs on a computer. Every general purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs.
  • Operating Systems perform basic task, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disks and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers.

Features of Linux:
Multi-user: A multi user Operating System allows more than one user to share the same computer system at the same time.
Multitasking: More than one program can be run at a time. The main concept of the multitasking is maximum utilization of CPU resources.
Open System: The Unix is open source code. i.e. any user can modify Unix open source code according to their ideas and requirements.
Security: One of the most valued advantages of linux over the other platforms lies with high security levels it ensures. Every Linux user is happy to work in virus free environment.
Portability: Portability means independent of hardware and processors.
The main concept of communication facility exchanging of information or files from one user account to another user account.
Programming Facility:Unix provides Shell, Shell works like a programming language. It provides commands and keywords.
Help Facility: It is beautiful feature of UNIX/Linux operating systems.

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